Parlay Rules - What Is A Parlay?

Parlay rules will vary from one website to the next, as will your parlay payout and other variables. Some websites will only allow you to bet parlays on two through twelve teams, while some sportsbook's parlay rules will allow wagering on up to twenty-five teams.

Most of the legitimately licensed Internet sportsbooks will consistently deliver special rules, contests, and promotions during the playoff tournaments of the major sports leagues, like the NFL, NHL MLB, and NBA. And most online bookmakers will even allow you to combine parlays across sports, point spreads, line bets, money lines, and prop bets.

The point we're trying to make here is that rules involving parlay odds and payouts are important to understand, so you should become intimate with the particular sportsbooks where you hold accounts. Notice we said accounts, plural. The very nature of the exotic parlay bet, which is viewed as a sucker bet in many cases, often means searching for the best current promotion, lines, and payouts.

A recent review of the most popular legal Internet sportsbooks showed that the payout on a basic five-team NFL parlay could return anywhere from 20 to 1 all the way up to 25 to 1. That is why holding multiple accounts at several legitimate sportsbooks is so important for the demanding sports gambler.

Parlay rules, which will generally not be different from one site to the next, will usually allow money line bets on baseball parlays and hockey parlays, and money line, point spread, and totals betting football parlays and basketball parlays., all under the hat of the same wager.

Opening accounts at the Internet sportsbooks we list here means getting the best parlay odds and payouts, but you should always log in well in advance of when you would like to place a wager. This allows you to contact the customer support team to become familiar with any parlay rules which could affect your ability to cash. From 6 team round-robin parlays to simple two-teamers, parlay rules regarding sports gambling will always offer a potentially sizable return on a small wager.

Sportsbooks Offering The Fairest Rules
For Betting Parlays In 2024

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