How To Bet On Football Parlays

Betting on football parlays provides an opportunity to win a substantial amount of money on a small wager. As we discussed on our homepage, a parlay is simply a bet on multiple sporting events or outcomes.

The different odds and winning percentages of those individual football wagers are then combined to increase the size of your potential parlay payout. In this way, betting on the point spread, money line, over/under, or prop bets for multiple NFL or NCAA college football games can produce a significant payday when all of those bets come through.

Across the legitimate and reliable online sportsbook sites that we recommend, as few as two and as many as twelve football parlay wagers can be combined together, mixing and matching money lines, totals, and spread bets, and props.

Best Online Sportsbooks
Offering The Biggest Football Parlay Odds For 2024

The following sportsbooks offer some of the highest paying football parlays you will find in online sports betting. These are the creme of the crop and are some of the most reputable offshore betting sites available to players.

Bovada Sportsbook Promotion

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Bookmaker Sportsbook$100 Bet Wins $122850% Max $300YesPlay Now
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NFL Parlays

Above we recommend the online sportsbooks that offer the highest NFL parlay odds and the most reliable customer service. However, we do not recommend belonging to only one of them. Creating a successful NFL parlay bet should always include a combination of occurrences that the bettor is certain will win.

Well, finding the best of anything involves shopping around a bit, right? The same can be said when betting on NFL Football parlays. Shop the betting odds at all of the online NFL sportsbooks that we suggest and locate the lines that are the most advantageous.

Belonging to more than one NFL sportsbook site, and shopping for the best odds to combine into the parlay is the optimum strategy for NFL parlay betting.

NCAAF College Football Parlays

Keep in mind that every NCAA College Football betting site is different, so you need to review the rules prior to placing an NCAAF parlay bet. In general, most sportsbooks have very fair rules when it comes to betting on all types of parlays included college football, but it's always good practice to make sure you're very familiar with how things operate for each different sports betting site. Here is our main page where you can learn about parlay rules.

Ultimately, laying some action on a college football parlay involves the same rules as any other parlay or combination bet. More than one NCAAF bet needs to be combined into one for higher odds and higher payouts.

Football Parlay Definition

A football parlay consists of a bet involving two or more football outcomes. The more outcomes that are included in your football parlay, the probability of outcome becomes lower, and the payout amount becomes higher. Football parlay rules may differ from book to book, but typically, they allow for spreads, money lines, totals, props, and futures to be combined up to their pre-determined maximum.

NFL Parlay Example

Below are examples of NFL parlays placed on the Division futures odds, over/under totals, and 2021 game lines. As can be seen below, even when combining likely outcomes and risking a small amount of cash, football parlays can still result in large cash jackpots.

2021 NFL Divisional Prop Bet Parlay2021 nfl week 1 parlay for over under totals

week 1 parlay 2021 NFL steelrers cowboys


Mobile Betting Apps For Football Parlays

Whether betting on the NFL or NCAA College Football, parlays are available using the latest Apple and Android smartphones and tablets both domestically and offshore. While not many states provide mobile betting apps for the NFL or NCAAF, the offshore sportsbooks we recommend on this page can be accessed using up-to-date mobile browsers like Opera, Google, Safari, Chrome, and Firefox.

Any NFL parlay or college football combination available on the main version of the sportsbook site is also available via their web-based sports betting app, and members are accepted from almost all US states.

Banking Options For Football Parlays

Domestic football sportsbooks accept cash, credit cards, debit cards, and not much else. Offshore football sports betting sites also accept those methods, but also embrace cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Cardano, Ethereum, Stellar, Ripple, Tether).

Deposits made using Bitcoin and other forms of cryptocurrency are uploaded into football parlay bettors' accounts within minutes. The only way to withdraw your winnings within a day is by using cryptocurrency, and that can only be requested via the same currency that was used for the deposit.

Football Parlay Bonus Offers

Bettors looking for a little extra cash to wager on a football parlay should consider accepting a bonus when making a deposit at an offshore sportsbook. We specifically mention offshore because domestic sports betting venues do not offer bonus cash promotions.

These offers typically match a portion of the deposit amount, and can reach totals of $1,000 or more depending on where you look and the time of year. Do not accept an online sportsbook deposit bonus without considering the requirements attached first.