Football Parlays - Where To Find The Best Football Parlay Odds

Betting football parlays provides you with an opportunity to win a substantial amount of money on a small wager. As we discussed on our homepage, a parlay is simply a bet on multiple sporting events or outcomes. The different odds and winning percentages of those individual football wagers are then combined to produce the size of your potential win. In this way, betting on the point spread, money line or total of multiple NFL or NCAA college football games can produce a significant payday when all of those bets is a win or a tie. At some of the more legitimate online sportsbooks, you can combine as few as two and as many as twelve football wagers together, mixing and matching money lines, totals and spread bets.

Imagine that you like the Atlanta Falcons +3, the New England Patriots -150 (money line) and the Denver Broncos game at over 53, and you are betting a three team parlay. If the Falcons and New England cover, but the Denver Broncos game results in exactly 53 points and you get a tie on that leg of your parlay bet, you have not lost at most legitimate online sportsbooks. That portion of your parlay that resulted in a tie will be considered a push, and your three team bet will reduce to a two team parlay, as will your winnings. And anytime you include substantial money line underdogs in your NCAA or NFL parlay bets, your football wager can return a seriously attractive and potentially powerful payday at some of the top online sportsbooks we have reviewed and recommend here.

Typically I won't do many college football parlays. For me NFL is just more predictable and easier to pick winners. There are a few college teams I like bet include on occasion such as FSU, Alabama and a couple others. I also like doing team totals on some of my parlay legs, that comes easier to me when betting these big favorites compared to giving up 35 points on the side. Most recently I started doing round robin parlays in football. I can't tell you how many times I've missed out on a big parlay by 1 team. I am talking $30K paydays missed by a point. It's enough to make you sick. I will try and dig up some screenshots when I have more time. But I did wise up and now will do a round robin along with my initial parlay which will still earn you a nice profit even if one team on the original parlay loses.

Top Sportsbooks Offering The Highest Football Parlay Payouts

The following sportsbooks offer some of the highest paying football parlays you will find in online sports betting. These are the creme of the crop and are some of the most reputable offshore betting sites available to players. They all payoff like a bank, I guarantee it.

Bovada Offers The Best Football Parlay Odsds In The Business

  Sportsbook Name 4 Team Parlay Payout Bonus USA
#1 Bovada Sportsbook $100 Bet Wins $1258.45 50% Max $250 Yes
#2 Bookmaker $100 Bet Wins $1228 25% Max $2500 Yes
#3 Betdsi Sportsbook $100 Bet Wins $1228 25% Max $2500 Yes
#4 Betonline Sportsbook $100 Bet Wins $1200 25% On Every Deposit Yes
#5 $100 Bet Wins $1200 25% On Every Deposit Yes

Football Parlay Payouts For NFL And College Games

Below we recommend the sportsbooks that offer the highest football parlay odds when making your bets at an online sportsbook. Generally you will get the best odds at Bovada Sportsbook, but there are a few situations when making your parlay bets at another sportsbook might yield you a little higher payout. And we are all about not leaving money on the table where we come from. Smart gamblers always put themselves in situations where they have the best of it. Your not going to have the best of it betting parlays, that's just the honest truth. But if you can get another +70 on an 3 team parlay if you bet at one sportsbook compared to another, well the smart gambler is going to take advantage of this.

Best Football Parlay Odds Based On Number Of Teams

2 Team Football Parlay Payout - Bovada +264

3 Team Football Parlay Payout - Betonline +650

4 Team Football Parlay Payout - Bovada +1228

5 Team Football Parlay Payout - Betonline +2500

6 Team Football Parlay Payout - Bovada +4741

7 Team Football Parlay Payout - Bovada +9142

8 Team Football Parlay Payout - Bovada +17205

9 Team Football Parlay Payout - Bovada +32937

10 Team Football Parlay Payout - Bovada +62971

11 Team Football Parlay Payout - Bovada +120308

12 Team Football Parlay Payout - Bovada +229771

Check out our section on hedging your parlay bets and locking in profits at the bottom of our homepage.

Football Parlay Rules

Keep in mind that every sportsbook is different, so you need to review the rules prior to placing a bet. In general, most sportsbooks have very fair rules when it comes to betting all types of parlays included nfl and college, but it's always good practice to make sure your very familiar with how things operate for each different sports betting site. Here is our main page where you can learn about parlay rules.

Football Parlay Definition

A football parlay consists of a bet involving two or more football teams. The more teams you have in your parlay, the higher the payout will be.

Winning Example And Screenshot

Below is a screenshot of a parlay I hit this past weekend. It was actually a 9 team football parlay that I did a round robin on, so I had it with 9 teams, 8, 7, 6, 5 and 4. So I made really good money on it even though I missed 2 of the 9 teams in the parlay. I really encourage players to learn about round robin parlays. Trust me it's a good way to still make money if you are notorious for missing 1-2 legs of a parlay. It will give you protection and your bankroll will thank you for it. And when you connect on all the teams, a $300 bet could make for a huge score.

Football Parlay Winning Example