Understanding Round Robin Parlays

The round robin parlay is a major time saver for those sports bettors which want to place multiple parlay bets. As you know, betting lines and odds can change rapidly. And if you are playing multiple parlays, it can take a while to fill out all of those betting slips, meaning the odds or money line can change and wreck your chance at a winner before you complete your wagers. To remedy this, some legally licensed Internet sportsbooks have added the round robin parlay as an easy way for players to place several parlay bets at once. Let's take a look at how this convenient "auto bet" works and exactly what is involved.

Most sportsbooks will allow you to use round robin betting on anywhere from 3 to 8 parlay bets. And usually, though this may be different from the one sportsbook to the next, round robin parlay betting is limited to two to six teams per parlay leg. But that is just fine for the savvy sports bettor, who knows that there are usually a limited number of attractive situations which make for an intelligent parlay bet. Standard parlay betting rules and odds apply for this type of wager, and they can differ between legitimate sportsbooks. Always understand the odds and payouts you are dealing with before you place a parlay wager.

The first step to filling your round robin betting slip is to choose your teams. Perhaps you like the Colts -7, the Bears -7 and the Packers +4 in NFL action. Betting $100 on every possible two team round robin parlay would mean you are actually placing three separate bets. You are running a Colts - Bears parlay for $100, a Colts - Packers parlay for $100 and a Bears- Packers parlay for $100 as well. At the typical Internet sportsbook, you would be receiving around 2.6 to 1 on a two team NFL parlay, so your $300 would stand to profit by an additional $780 if all three of your round robin parlay legs are successful.

Professional sports gamblers use the round robin bet when they feel very strongly about a few teams. While the above example would not have taken long for you to place each bet manually, what if you felt very positive about 8 different teams? Placing 8 three team parlay bets manually can be a very timely process which can also lead to operator error, and a loss of precious capital. But when you simply choose the 8 teams you want in your parlay, and then select a three team parlay as the way you would like to play, when you place this round robin bet, you simultaneously have made 56 different wagers in no time.

Parlays can definitely return a lot of money when used intelligently, and in the right situation. And beginners are strongly urged to steer clear from round robin betting, since even at the minimum bet level, you are risking multiple bets. But once you feel comfortable placing individual parlay bets on money lines, spreads and totals on NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL action, try a small round robin on for size. And always remember that holding accounts at multiple reliable and legitimately licensed sportsbooks will give you the availability to the best possible parlay odds, lines and parlay pay tables, and therefore the best potential payoff when your round robin parlay comes through for you.

Top Sportsbooks Offering Round Robin Parlay Betting Options

  Sportsbook Name 4 Team Parlay Payout Bonus USA
#1 Bovada Sportsbook $100 Bet Wins $1258.45 50% Max $250 Yes
#2 Bookmaker $100 Bet Wins $1228 25% Max $2500 Yes
#3 Betdsi Sportsbook $100 Bet Wins $1228 25% Max $2500 Yes
#4 Betonline Sportsbook $100 Bet Wins $1200 25% On Every Deposit Yes
#5 Sportsbetting.ag $100 Bet Wins $1200 25% On Every Deposit Yes

Round Robin Examples

Below is a screenshot of a recent round robin I did on basketball parlay a few days ago. I picked a 7 team parlay, then did a round robin on it so I had it with 6 teams, 5 teams and also 4 teams. Again by doing round robin parlays, even if you miss a game or two you will still have a nice payout if the other 5 come in. I happened to hit all of these games on the 7 team parlay, so I ended up with a $14,000 score because I had so many different combinations that all hit. If my memory servers me correctly it cost me around $600 to do this particular bet with all the different combinations.

I really like doing the round robins because of the built in protection it gives me on my bets. If I am picking winners pretty good, I can usually still make a profit on the round robin even if I miss a few legs of the parlay. The big payouts come when I connect on all of them like below, that's really what your betting on. It doesn't happen often, but when it does it is a really nice hit. But the fact that you still get decent payouts even when you miss a few allows you to recoop most of your original bet or even make a profit which keeps your bankroll flush and you live to fight another day.

Round Robin Parlay Winning Example