Hockey Parlays - How To Bet NHL Parlays

Most legitimate online sportsbooks will offer hockey parlay betting on between two and twelve teams. If you are unfamiliar with what constitutes a parlay bet, it is simply combining multiple bets into one wager. If any one individual part of your hockey parlay bet is a loser, the entire wager is counted as a loss as well. But when you intelligently do your homework and spot several attractive games, and bet them all simultaneously as one parlay bet, you give yourself the opportunity at a large payout. And the attractive part of parlay betting on NHL, AHL, European and international hockey action is that for a very small amount of money risked, you can potentially profit by several thousand dollars. And you can place hockey parlay bets on the total (over/under), the standard money line or the Canadian line (where it is offered).

Since all sportsbooks are different, holding accounts with multiple, legally licensed Internet bookmakers is important to get the best possible lines and hockey parlay payouts. And though it is at many times a sucker bet, betting hockey parlays online makes sense in some situations. If you do not mind taking on extra risk for extra possible profit, parlays may be right for you. Let us take a real world example. Betting $50 each on New Jersey +135, Anaheim +115 and Chicago -141 in NHL action would net you $160.07 in profit if all those teams won. But betting the same $150 on a three team parlay involving those same teams would skyrocket your profits to $1,149.20 if all your picks came through. Just be sure to check with the sportsbooks where you hold an account as to the particular money lines and payout before you place a hockey wager, and go with the site offering the best set of numbers.

Top Sportsbooks Offering The Biggest Hockey Parlay Odds

We recommend betting your hockey parlays at Bovada if you reside in the USA. Offshore players should consider betting at bet365, a premier UK gambling brand offering sports, casino and poker all under one roof.

Bovada Sportsbook Offers The Biggest Parlay Payouts In The Business

  Sportsbook Name 4 Team Parlay Payout Bonus USA
#1 Bovada Sportsbook #1 site for betting parlays $100 Bet Wins $1258.45 50% Max $250 Yes
#2 Bookmaker $100 Bet Wins $1228 25% Max $2500 Yes
#3 Betdsi Sportsbook $100 Bet Wins $1228 25% Max $2500 Yes
#4 Betonline Sportsbook $100 Bet Wins $1200 25% On Every Deposit Yes
#5 $100 Bet Wins $1200 25% On Every Deposit Yes