Basketball Parlays - Locating The Best Sportsbooks To Bet Basketball Parlays With The Highest Payouts And Odds

Basketball parlays work the same as football parlays, and allows you to combine multiple NBA or NCAAB basketball selections that you deem favorable into a single wager with incredible odds. You will still be playing the money line, over/under total and/or point spread for each leg of your parlay bet. Because of this, the more teams you include in your bet, the higher your payday and the harder it is for you to be successful. The increased risk also increases your rewards, and most legitimate Internet sportsbooks will allow you to form a basketball parlay bet with as few as two and as many as ten or even twenty separate bets. You will often times find basketball parlay betting specials held throughout the year, such as during March Madness and the NBA tournament.

A real world example may show you feeling that the University of Georgia Bulldogs +6.5, the UConn Huskies -130 (money line) and the Indiana Hoosiers over/under game total of 154 are all attractive bets. Instead of placing individual wagers on each of those contests for a chance at even money, you could combine all three of those propositions into a single three game parlay that could pay 4, 5 or even 6 to 1 if all your teams win. And if one of those legs results in a tie, you will usually just see your bet become a two team parlay, as opposed to losing. Check our section on parlay payouts and odds for an in depth understanding of those two important aspects of this potentially profitable and exotic bet. And remember that holding accounts at multiple legitimate online sportsbooks will always guarantee you get the most favorable basketball parlay odds and pay tables.

Top Sports Betting Sites With High Basketball Parlay Odds

Get the highest basketball parlay odds at the following reputable online sportsbooks. Most of these sites offer basketball parlays up to 12 teams with some incredible payouts if you hit all 12 bets. Our most recommended site is Bovada, a top notch sportsbook that offers casino and poker action as well. New players get a 50% bonus up to $250, and some of the best betting options and lines in the business. The other sites are good too, and offer some higher bonuses for new players.

Bovada Offers The Best Basketball Parlay Odsds In The Business

  Sportsbook Name 4 Team Parlay Payout Bonus USA
#1 Bovada Sportsbook $100 Bet Wins $1258.45 50% Max $250 Yes
#2 Bookmaker $100 Bet Wins $1228 25% Max $2500 Yes
#3 Betdsi Sportsbook $100 Bet Wins $1228 25% Max $2500 Yes
#4 Betonline Sportsbook $100 Bet Wins $1200 25% On Every Deposit Yes
#5 $100 Bet Wins $1200 25% On Every Deposit Yes

Basketball Parlay Odds For NBA And College NCAAB Games

We spent several hours comparing the different parlay payouts at several online sportsbooks, and have come up with your best recommendation depending on how many teams you have in your parlay. For the most part you will get the best odds at Bovada Sportsbook, but on occasion you will find a sportsbook that offers a little higher odds for a certain amount of teams. For example Betonline is your best bet if you want to do a 5 team basketball parlay as you will get +2500 on your money compared to the other sites that are a tad lower than that. It might seem like small potatoes, but if your smart and like the color green, you will try and lock down any edge you can get.

Best Basketball Parlay Odds Based On Number Of Teams

If your unsure how to read these lines, basically take $100 and multiply it by the odds below. Using the 2 team parlay as an example, a $100 parlay wager will net you $264 profit if you win. A $100 wager on a 5 team parlay would net you $2500 in profit and so on.

2 Team Basketball Parlay Payout - Bovada +264

3 Team Basketball Parlay Payout - Betonline +650

4 Team Basketball Parlay Payout - Bovada +1228

5 Team Basketball Parlay Payout - Betonline +2500

6 Team Basketball Parlay Payout - Bovada +4741

7 Team Basketball Parlay Payout - Bovada +9142

8 Team Basketball Parlay Payout - Bovada +17205

9 Team Basketball Parlay Payout - Bovada +32937

10 Team Basketball Parlay Payout - Bovada +62971

11 Team Basketball Parlay Payout - Bovada +120308

12 Team Basketball Parlay Payout - Bovada +229771

Check out our section on hedging your parlay bets and locking in profits at the bottom of our home page.

Basketball Parlay Rules

Most sportsbooks differ slightly in the parlay rules. We always encourage players to review all the house betting rules to avoid any potential problems down the road. You can check out our main parlay rules page for more information.

Things To Consider When Betting Basketball Parlays

1. Don't make parlays your bet of choice. You should only bet parlays when you are winning or you want to take a small shot at a big payout. But if you bet them frequently or with large amounts of money, I can almost guarantee it will be a losing proposition.

2. Avoid playing anymore than 5 teams or it just becomes very difficult to book a winner. If you want a higher payout, consider betting a $30 3 teamer instead of a $10 5 teamer and your bankroll will thank you in the long run. Or think about betting a round robin parlay which allows you to lose one or more legs and still come out winner. Below is an example of a cheap round robin I did on NBA a few days ago.

Example Of A Winning Basketball Parlay Bet On NBA First Halves

Below is an example of a NBA basketball parlay I hit recently. I actually did a round robin on it, so I made like $14K on it which was a nice score. I also had each of the legs straight up for an even bigger score.

Basketball Parlay Example 7 Teams