Parlay Payouts And Odds - How It All Works

Parlay payouts are always going to depend on multiple variables. If you are playing the money line, you can substantially raise your possible payout by choosing underdogs. Hockey and baseball are parlayed differently than football and basketball, though the basic definition is the same. A parlay is simply several wagers combined into one large bet. If any portion of your parlay loses, the overall parlay bet is graded as a loss. There are several parlay payout calculators found online which are free to use, but today's legitimately licensed sportsbooks make it very easy to see exactly the possible payout you can expect. Simply log into your account, and choose multiple bets at the same time. You then enter the amount of your wager, and your parlay betting slip will show how many legs you have picked, and the possible payout before you place the bet.

It doesn't matter whether you are wagering on NHL, NBA, NFL or MLB action, or any available college sports. The top Internet sportsbooks provide you this on-site service so you do not have to go surfing all over the web trying to figure out what your parlay payout is going to be. Just remember, there are two intelligent ways to increase the size of your payout without increasing the amount of your wager. The more teams you pick, the harder it is to win a parlay bet, but the larger the possible payout becomes. Also, by performing your due diligence and doing research, if you spot multiple underdogs in attractive situations, you can place a very small wager and receive a substantial parlay payout if all of your teams win.

You should understand that even the most legitimate and reliable Internet sportsbooks will often deliver different money lines, totals and spread bets. And many will offer different pay tables when you place a parlay wager. Sports like basketball and football will generally use fixed pay tables, while money line wagering on hockey and baseball means that your parlay payout will depend on how much of a favorite or dog your teams are. When you log into your sportsbook account, you should be able to find a parlay payout chart for those sports which use fixed pay tables. And you can always contact the customer support team of any of the legitimate top operators we list here for a thorough explanation of parlay payouts.

Typical Parlay Odds For Most Sports

The following will give you a quick snapshot at parlay odds. While these differ slightly from book to book, they are pretty close to what sort of payout you can expect if you bet a certain amount of teams. We also included the name of the sportsbook that offers the best odds for that particular parlay. Your best bet is to signup with Bovada, a world class offshore sportsbook and casino with poker action as well. They offer some of the highest paying parlay odds in the sports betting industry. You may find some others out there with crazy good odds, but be very cautious and do your research. If I was a scammer I would offer the best odds in the business too since I never plan on paying anyone. A little common sense goes a long way in sports betting.

2 Team Parlay - Bovada +264

3 Team Parlay - Betonline +650

4 Team Parlay - Bovada +1228

5 Team Parlay - Betonline +2500

6 Team Parlay - Bovada +4741

7 Team Parlay - Bovada +9142

8 Team Parlay - Bovada +17205

9 Team Parlay - Bovada +32937

10 Team Parlay - Bovada +62971

11 Team Parlay - Bovada +120308

12 Team Parlay - Bovada +229771

Round Robin Parlay Odds And Payouts